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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 23, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> disturbing story in san francisco. a good samaritan swings into action when she sees a man on fire. >> what some businesses are telling us. tesla under scrutiny. a crash that has led to another investigation. >> announcer: this is abc7 news. a passionate debate in san francisco city hall. residents weigh in on who should be the interim city mayor. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim.
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talking about possibly appointed an interim mayor. once they are finished speaking city supervisors will begin nominating. >> reporter: finding it unfortunate that the discussion has degenerated on to a debate on racial and gender lines. should london breed remain as acting mayor. should the board select an interim. >> caretaker mayor. mayor london breed is qualified. >> reporter: it is a process the board has only used once before developed when ed lee was selected as mayor in 2011. yes, political pun ddit offers
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good -- buzzes in first on their touch screen. nominating the first candidate. if that nominee can capture six votes it is all over. if not, the second supervisor who buzzed in gets the next chance to make its nomination and if there aren't six votes, it continues from there. >> there is an old saying, democracy is the worst form of governance in the world except for all the other ones. >> reporter: campos tells me he walked into the chambers expecting one result and got another. >> no one really knows what will happen in the end because there are so many unknown, so much
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uncertainty that comes into play. >> reporter: and if no one captures six votes then the status quo remains london breed would still be acting mayor. now they are expressing their choices for the candidates who they would like to see nominated so it goes on and on. and it could be a long night. in the news room, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. san francisco board of supervisors has voted to rename columbus day to indigenous peoples day. >> there you hear the reaction. the ten to one vote in favor of the change was met with a chorus of boos and clapping. supporters say the city should
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not recognize named after an it -- she spoke with us but did not want to be shown on camera. >> i just got the heck out of there. and i only went about 80 miles i wanted to get away from them. >> it happened on southbound interstate 680 this morning. investigators believed it came from another vehicle and looks to be a random act. >> could have been something that could have hit her, struck her. she is lucky in this scenario that this was not a high caliber type of weapon. >> this suspected attack comes a week after charter buses transporting apple and google
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employees were shot at. no secret. car break ins are sky rocketing. >> here is abc7 news reporter vic lee. >> reporter: shattered glass. last year between january and november, thieves broke into 28,000 cars up 26% over the same period in 2016. under an oddly framed state law, not all can be prosecuted as felonies. district attorney explains. >> if you see broken glass next to your car, that means somebody broke into your car. >> not so. >> reporter: according to the law. in your doors are locked and somebody breaks in, and steals
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something, that is -- >> car burglary is a felony. and it carries more significant consequences that a plain theft would. >> reporter: so he wants the law changed. >> under the law that we are proposing, if you break the glass even if your vehicle is unlocked it would be a felony. >> reporter: difficult to prove in court that your car was locked. a big reason why most of break-ins occurring in tourist areas. tourists visit and leave. >> if they are gone and can't testify that the door was lock. >> if the bill passes that wouldn't be necessary. take a good look at this. this is from the website
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crimemapping dot com. this is from the week of january 16 through 22. showing every reported car break-in. according to the website, over 300 reported break-ins in san francisco over that seven-day period. a lot. tonight san francisco police is trying to figure out if a man was set on fire intentionally. >> this disturbing scene happened on osage street. >> reporter: the witness ran into the cafe and grabbed a bucket of water.
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>> through water on the person who was on fire. >> reporter: san francisco police and arson detectives are working on the case. they are not sure if the man's burns were accidental, self-inflicted or if other people are involved. this woman saw two men sleeping in the ally. >> he saw the guys. two guys one on this side and the other one sleeping. >> reporter: police say the male victim is in his 50s to 60s. taken to sf general with life-threatening injuries. quite a scare overnight following a huge earthquake in alaska. measuring a magnitude 7.9. epicenter in the city of kodiak.
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monster waves certainly created panic. sirens in alaska went off and told to head to higher ground immediately. no damage from the earthquake. the abc7 app sent out a push alert. be the first to know when breaking news happens. be sure to enable those push alerts. santa clara county. abc7 news was inside the county administration building in san jose for today's supervisor meeting. the new jail will go up behind the main jail. it will include facilities to
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serve inmates battling mental illness. the santa clara board of supervisors voted to move forward on a proposal to build affordable housing for teachers. this parking lot in palo alto could be the sight of affordable housing for teachers. >> reporter: santa clara county board of supervisors voted unanimously to move forward. >> the problem is real, this is a potential solution. if we can address the housing crisis and the need to attract and keep first rate teachers in our schools we have done double duty. >> reporter: within close proximity of school districts. >> it would allow the schools
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then to recruit and retain their teachers and it would really improve the lives of our teachers and the community as a whole. >> reporter: she says a teacher salary can't buy a house in silicon valley. this forces some to move away and some commute for hours. >> some teachers are homeless. they are living in their cars and showering in the gym. >> reporter: she has seen younger teachers struggle to make ends meet. and having a place nearby to call home would benefit the teachers and the students. >> if you are commuting two hours you can't stay to go to the basketball game or stay with that student who needs support. >> we need three things. piece of dirt, money, and communty support. we have got the piece of dirt.
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we own the site already. >> reporter: abc7 news. a win for america or pulling the plug on local businesses. the president's decision to put a tariff on solar panels could. we have a fairly muscular storm coming our way. snow in the sierra. details coming up. challenging day for drivers getting around the bay bridge in san francisco. >> what is my faith -- favorite color? >> purple. >> where is the craziest place i had sex? >> a circus. [cheers] jerry: don't you just want to have my job? [cheers] jerry: next "springer." who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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going solar could cost you even more following president trump's decision to place a tariff on solar panels. >> as abc7 news reporter carlos saucedo explains it could hurt the bay area. >> reporter: now the solar industry will see higher cost due to a tax on solar panel imports. >> this is only going to be a punitive tariff on top of projects that are trying to be cost competitive. >> reporter: tariff announced by the trump administration will start at 30% and then go down to 50% in the fourth and final year. >> might cut our jobs and take a
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look at our payroll, how many projects we are working on. >> reporter: as a result going solar will be more expensive. industry experts say it is still too early to determine the impact. >> we are going to have to be more efficient in other areas which is hard and challenging when you have been working so hard to reduce costs from every aspect of the installation process. >> reporter: the alliance for american manufacturing welcomes the decision saying cannot compete against surging unfair imports from countries like china which are dumping product in into the u.s. in an attempt to put american companies out of business. tesla auto pilot systems in the spotlight once again.
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this is the second accident involving a tesla on auto pilot in the past two weeks. kristen sze joins us now with new information. >> reporter: investigators will be coming to california to examine this crash. a tesla model s going 65 mieles per hour crashing into a fire truck. tesla owners we talked with told us the high-tech features should be used as a helper not as a replacement. >> provides better safety. kind of like my co-pilot.
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tesla upgraded after a deadly florida in 2015. the system was partly to blame. they noted the driver was trying to circumvent tesla's warning about driver responsibility. and issued a statement. investigators will be focusing on the vehicle and the driver's action in this latest crash. turning your attention to the weather forecast and any rain headed this way. >> big storm. >> you wouldn't know it right now because things are so calm outside. we have thin high clouds around but they will be getting thicker and lower. view over looking the
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embarcadero. 56 degrees in san francisco. 50 at half moon bay. that is our cool spot so far. this is the view from emeryville. no that is not the coolest spot. 52 in santa rosa. 49 in napa. 50 in novato. one live view at the golden gate bridge. these are our forecast features. rainy and windy across the bay area by midday tomorrow starting to the authorinorth. overnight as the clouds thicken into the north bay and fog spills in through the central valley. low temperatures dropping in. 40 degrees mainly around the bay and the coast. the approaching storm ranks two on the impact scale. moderate storm. light to moderate rain. we will see some occasionally heavy downpours breezy with
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gusts up to 35 mieles per hour r higher. that rain will be sweeping southward and eastward quickly by midday. heavy downpours from time to time. the afternoon and evening commute looks quite messy, slippery and slow. then the storm breaks up into scattered showers late tomorrow night. and estimate the rainfall totals. up in the north bay look for over an inch most locations there. i mentioned snow in the sierra. we will see snowfall totals above two feet in some spots. back to the bay area. high temperatures tomorrow.
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so relatively cool day. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow's storm ranks two on the impact scale. ranks one on the impact scale. here is a chance of an isolated shower or two on friday. milder conditions. near the bay and inland going into early next year. we may get a string of four days or so of lovely weather. but be prepared for tomorrow's storm. >> thank you. stay with us. big news from a bank. >> who is getting
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jpmorgan chase is giving raises to 22,000 of its branch and customer service employees. also opening 400 new branches. all of this over five years. the pay raises are supposed to kick in at the next month. >> elon musk has a deal to keep him at tesla. must hit several --
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apple going to release its home pod speaker. available february 9. the cupertino company had been targeting a release last year but pushed the dates back. the price tag $350. apple is taking pre orders. >> and a mixed day on wall street. corporations getting big savings from the tax bill signed into law by president trump. some california lawmakers want to get their cut of the money. group of democrats wants to require businesses to hand over half of their savings of tax cuts. the money would help fund social programs. >> the problem is this, you cannot fix poverty by creating
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more poverty. if you take more money from the companies in california, they are going to leave to other states. >> republicans argue california businesses should be allowed to invest their tax savings into creating more jobs and increasing savings. what a traffic mess. what is being blamed for causing a big back up at the bay bridge toll plaza that lasted for hours. what will happen to the pier. >> remember you can get the latest any time with the upgraded abc7 news app. personalized push
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that breaking news at 6:30 is in san francisco where police are on the scene of a double
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shooting. >> police have not released details on the victim's condition. >> they are looking for a suspect who ran from the scene and we will have updates. our other top sry at 6:30. it has happened once again, gun fire on a campus. students are the victim. >> prosecutors want to try a 15-year-old as an adult. >> the teen opened fire when classes were about to begin at marshal county high school. 12 people treated after suffering gunshot wounds. >> i just, you know, i took off. i started running. i was scared for my life. >> it just erupted. people coming from everywhere. >> this is a wound that is going to take a long time to heal.
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>> investigators have not revealed what motivated the shooting. helicopters flew severely wounded victims to a trauma center in nashville tennessee. governor newsom sent this. 13 children found chained to their beds in riverside county. this is surveillance video the day the children were found in their home. and donations have come in all over the world. calls from people offering to adopt these kids. both have pleaded not guilty to torture and other charges. new details on the 34-hour
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standoff in a san jose hotel that ended today of a san jose suspect. they tracked him to the wyndham garden hotel on sunday. when they tried to arrest him he refused to come out. finally he was taken into custody. the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> abc7 news was at the toll plaza just before noon. and this is what drivers were facing. >> jonathan bloom tells you why a simple technical problem was what it was. >> reporter: one of thousands of drivers stuck in this.
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>> much worse than usual. thinking there must be an accident or something. >> reporter: there was no accident. no lane closures. what was it? >> just a glitch. >> reporter: just a glitch in the 40-year-old computer system. metering lights was meant to prevent backups but caused one. when the lights began staying red for too long. >> it is 1970s vintage and didn't give us any problems until recently. >> reporter: engineers monitor cameras and control the lights remotely. >> we punch in the metering rate and hit the send button and the lights will start cycling. >> reporter: during the malfunction, remote control stopped working. workers had to come in and operate the lights by hand. >> they were able to get things
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straightened out by about 9:00. >> reporter: commuters say they don't have much of a rhythm lately. >> it doesn't seem like it is coordinated at all. >> reporter: a fix in the works, a $7 million project to replace the light the with a new smart system. they measure traffic flow and adjust the lights automatically. work hasn't even begun. >> we will do the best we can to keep the problems down to a minimum. >> sky seven shows you the new bay bridge behind us. >> demolition crews have been taking down the old bridge piece by piece. >> here is reporter wane
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freedman. >> reporter: a relic. if you thought they were gone and blown up now like all the others, nope. >> this is regarding public access facilities. >> reporter: today they became objects of discussion and debate. should cal trans blow up as planned or convert one as an observation deck. before today's meeting we began by asking about theier ba buena site. >> the oakland shore is a different story. it will cost us more to keep
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them. >> reporter: the project range in cost from 40 to $60 million. and there is the historical element. >> you can put on those access pierce a reference this is the footprint of that old bridge. >> reporter: it was 2-1 in favor of two observation platforms on both sides. we do not know how much they will cost but may be finished by the end of the-year-old. in oakland, wane freedman abc7 news. the osc
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if you are up at 5:38 this morning, you might have seen the nominees for oscars. >> walking you through the list with reaction from some who got a welcome wake up. >> reporter: the shape of water
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dominated the 90 oscar nominations. he also hopes to inspire others saying i share these nominations with all of the young film makers in mexico and latin america who put their hopes in our craft. other nominees are call me by your name, darkest hour, dun kirk, get out, lady bird, phantom thread, the post, the shape of water, three billboards outside ebbing missouri. >> even more dialed into chris -- >> reporter: get out is right behind in earnings. today he thanks his audience for choseni championing the film. i am so proud of this film it
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has been so unbelievable journey for any movie -- >> lady bird. -- to be nominated as the fifth woman, i hope that what had does is that women of all eighteens look at this and they also find the spark within themselves that say now i have to go make my movie. first woman in history to be nominated for the best cinematography. i am absolutely humbled and thrilled to receive this great honor. i hope this nomination serves to encourage more women to throw a camera over their shoulder or to follow their dream no matter how distant it might appear. other oscar news meryl streep
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received her 21st oscar nomination today. john williams got his 51st nomination. in los angeles, abc7 news. disney pixar received three nominations. sam rockwell is up for best supporting actor for his role in three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. and lady bird got a total of five nominations. well represented around here. for a complete list of nominees go to you can watch live only on abc7.
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you can watch live only on abc7. i told them to cancel the they have a stake in the well-being of the neighborhoods where they live and work. they train part-time to be ready to serve at all times.
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. well how does a one year
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subscription lasting only eight months. >> that is what one napa county couple wants to know. so they got in touch with "7 on your side" michael finney to look into this. >> reporter: it is being criticized for the way it made that disclosure. donald and joyce solving the sodoku and cross word puzzles. >> i had been raised on the napa valley register and look forward to it every day. >> reporter: paying for a full year subscription in advanced. surprised to learn eight months later her subscription had expired. on page 2 she saw a notice in
7:47 pm
fine print that special edition of the papers will be $5 each. >> so i got irate at them and told them to cancel the subscription. >> reporter: he says it is logical to think a one year subscription will run for one year. >> introducing new supplemental issues that a subscriber can't opt in or out of that is not a fair way. >> reporter: her husband suggested she contact "7 on your side." she did and we contacted the register. publisher told us the same disclosure is also made in the bill customers received. mrs. moses is a long-term subscriber and we wish to
7:48 pm
continue to make her a happy customer. the paper restored the subscription to one full calendar year. >> i'm glad it worked out the way it did. norren enjoyed the paper. >> reporter: if you have a consumer issue you can't solve i want to hear from you. my hot line is (415) 954-8151. you can reach me through my facebook page and on >> well done. one check with spencer and the forecast that is about to get rainy. >> oh, quite rainy, i want "7 on your side" holding the umbrella for me tomorrow. we will see light to moderate
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rain. occasional downpours. and there will be big snow in the sierra. by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon we will see rain blanketing all of the bay area. by afternoon evening the commute will be a challenging one. then late tomorrow night we will see the storm winding down breaking up into pockets tof showers. expecting two to three feet of snow. by thursday morning or storm that ranks two will be just a one. dry spell and milder weekeather into the weekend. let's talk little warriors. >> the warriors, they do have a
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lot of stars for sure. steph and kd going to have company at the all stars game. now the question is will the
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>> announcer: sports with larry biel. >> the nbc all-stars reserves were announced today. thompson and draymond green. green three time all-star. clay thompson will be making his fourth trip. here is a look at the west of the western conference reserves. nice to see willard making the squad after being snubbed. and you know, we have a new all-star format, the top two vote getters will serve as captain. and they can choose players from either conference.
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abc7's mike shumann caught up with steph. >> reporter: steph is looking forward to the schoolyard draft. >> first time it has happened in the league so you don't know what to expect or what is going to unfold. but to switch it up, it is going to be a fun look on the floor. might take getting used to. but the actual draft part of it, it will be cool. >> reporter: head coach steve kerr likes the change of pace but wants to see it getting back to basketball. >> it needs to be a basketball again. and i would hope the guys will take that to heart and make it a better game. >> reporter: word is that lebron who has the first pick will take kevin durant. steph has heard these rumors and will adjust but what about kd.
7:55 pm
>> i am prepared for anything. force him to the rim and block his shot. i am looking forward to that. >> reporter: might be fun and totally go against the grain. >> i don't feel obligated. i would want to. >> reporter: steph taking it seriously. he has a lot of familiar faces. >> i have my brothers and my pops going to be in there. and maybe i have to ask riley and see what she thinks. >> speaking of lebron, he posted this congratulatory for himself. confident. and there was a young lebron right there. in action tonight against the spurs. first quarter, lebron with the
7:56 pm
drive. two long steps there and lays it in. spin move. three points away. final minute of the first. lebron really dictating a lot of the offense. with five seconds left in the first quarter. lebron, the dramatic moment taking a last shot of the period knocks it down. the cavs are loosing to the spurs. cleveland stuck in difficult times losing regularly now. whn the giants landed center fielded jackson on a two year deal, it seemed they solved their center field problem, not so fast. do not necessarily expect jackson to be out in center field every day. still exploring other options. jackson can play all three
7:57 pm
outfield positions. the giants have had a lot of work done. warriors playing the knicks tonight. >> porzingis. >> call him zinger. >> one person died in a double shooting and we will have more details on kofy-tv. huge volcano in the philippines. an even larger eruption loops. then at 11:00, a big decision in the san francisco mayor. we will run that down for you at 11:00. here is tonight's prime time line-up. at eight it is the middle followed by fresh off the boat.
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at 10:00 you can watch match game. at 11:35, jimmy kimmel. that's it for abc7 news. >> for dion lim, spencer christian, larry, dan ashley appreciate your time. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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